Starting this year (2012) The meeting minutes are available on our web page.  They will show up in the Newsletter / Minutes menu beside the applicable year / month. Thus, to see the Jan. ‘12 newsletter click on ‘Jan ‘12’ or to see the Jan. ‘12 minutes click on ‘Jan. ‘12 Minutes’


To view a newsletter or meeting minutes please select a date from the pull down menu under Newsletter / Minutes.  The newsletter or minutes should open in an Adobe viewer (probably in a sub window within your web browser) - if there are more than one page use the scroll bar to view the additional page(s).


To print a newsletter or minutes use the print function in the Adobe viewer,  this is the print icon in the upper left of the Adobe window or (in later versions of the Adobe reader) the print icom pops up near the bottom of the Adobe window. It might be easier to right click anywhere in the document and select print. Decide which page(s) you want to print, under print range select pages and set the range to the page(s) desired .


Please note - to print other pages (non Adobe) in the web site use the print function in your web browser.


Have fun camping and keep all your wheels on the road!!